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Uncanny X-Men # 8 Spoilers – Marvel Just Created the Most Powerful Mutant

In this week’s Uncanny X-Men # 8, which is also part 8 of X-Men Disassembled, we get to meet the most powerful mutant and its somebody we’re familiar with

Spoilers for Uncanny X-Men # 8 btw, by Ed Brisson, Kelly Thompson and Matthew Rosenberg. Art by R.B. Silva.

So in this issue, we find out that Legion trapped X-Man in his subconsciousness to stop him from messing up the world.

The last issue showed how that panned out for Nate Grey as well aa four of the Young X-Men that brought Legion along with them during the confrontation.

Bishop makes an appearance in this “Age of Apocalypse” and stops Armor from killing X-Man. That’s where its revealed that this was all a fake and the changes to the X-Men that got trapped there are also temporary.

Legion also appears and challenges X-Man to a fight in the mindscape.

Unfortunately for him, X-Man is more powerful than he is and the latter ends up taking over.

Bishop and the rest of the missing X-Men return to the real world together with the hybrid X-Man/Legion who seems very pissed at the X-Men.

I’m genuinely interested on how the whole Age of X-Man works and comes about although I’m also not to keen on it being a rehash of an old idea.

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