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The Walking Dead alum Laurie Holden as Crimson Countess for The Boys

Former cast member of The Walking Dead Laurie Holden as Crimson Countess for the Amazon series The Boys is getting buzz today!

Check out her full wardrobe for the superpowered, hyperviolent series after the jump!

The official The Boys Twitter account writes:

Heather Laurie Holden is a Canadian-American actress known for her roles as Marita Covarrubias in The X-Files, Adele Stanton in The Majestic, Cybil Bennett in Silent Hill, Amanda Dumfries in The Mist, Olivia Murray in The Shield, Andrea in The Walking Dead, Renee in The Americans and more.

In The Boys TV-verse her bio goes:

A Vought Superheroine who was mentioned as having also been in the running to join The Seven like Starlight was. She also appears on a poster for a movie made about her. Little else is known about her at this moment. Her powers include Heat Vision, Fire Manipulation and Heat Manipulation and is said to be the parody of Marvel’s Scarlet Witch.

She’s also the member of the superteam known as Payback, an obvious riff on The Avengers. In the comics she’s also seen with fellow member the Mind-Droid, which is a parody of Wanda Maximoff’s former husband The Vision.

During the fight between The Boys and Payback, Billy Butcher was able to kill Crimson Countess together with other members of the team.

What do you think of our first look for Laurie Holden as Crimson Countess? Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo!

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