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DC Comics teases Aquamen book for 2022

DC Comics Associate Editor Andrea Shea just dropped a teaser for a new book from DC Comics called Aquamen set for release sometime in 2022!

Here’s the tweet that came with the logo…

Shea also stated that the new book will feature two or maybe more individuals who go by the alias Aquaman. One of them is obviously Arthur Curry, the OG Aquaman and current member of the Justice League. Then there’s also the former Aqualad and new Aquaman Jackson Hyde who is also the star in the book Aquaman: The Becoming

Maybe we can also see Mera join the ranks of this team after all she was a representative for Atlantis and defacto Aquaman for a lot of stories including Scott Snyder’s run on Justice League when Arthur went missing for a time.

No other details were provided aside from the creative team which would be Brandon Thomas and Chuck Brown are working on the project, possibly as writers for the project.

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