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Walt Disney PH announce Black Widow release date, Shang-Chi and The Eternals Philippine release date

Walt Disney Studios has also made a good announcement on their lineup for the remaining weeks of 2021 since cinemas are going to open once more starting November 10 including The Eternals Philippine release date.

Check out their Facebook post today:

So we have:

Black Widow – November 17

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings – November 24

The Eternals – December 1


Of course we all know that those release dates are super late already by any standards but at least the distributor gets aka the house mouse still earns money off of the movie. And there’s a positive buzz surrounding these films coming out still from people who missed their Marvel movies for almost two years already.

If I had the chance I’d probably go watch all three of them and experience them in the big screen especially Shang-Chi which was a big hit when it came out abroad earlier this year. Black Widow was fun for me.

Black Widow review

And I’m really hopeful for Eternals amidst the spoilers that have already popped out. As least we’re not in a situation like Marvel fans may have to experience in the Middle East where they pulled out screenings for the Chloe Zhao film after Disney went strong with the decision to keep a romantic scene between Phastos, an openly gay Eternal and his husband.

Also if you’re looking for Spider-Man, you may want to check my post about Columbia Pictures’ lineup because Sony still holds the rights to Spidey and his gang.

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