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Doomsday Clock # 1 Spoilers

DC Comics brings back the characters from Alan Moore’s influential Watchmen graphic novel and ties it neatly into current DC lore featuring characters like Superman, Ozymandias and even Rorschach. The book was written by Geoff Johns with art by Gary Frank. Here are Doomsday Clock # 1 spoilers.

Be wary though that this has…

Doomsday Clock # 1 Spoilers

… so a spoiler alert is in order.

The issue’s so damn good so rather than spoil the entire story for you, let’s just round up all the juicy spoilers and stop there.

  1. Rorschach is back!

We all know that Rorschach aka Walter Kovaks died at the end of the Watchmen book at the hands of Doctor Manhattan himself because he wasn’t willing to compromise his beliefs. So it’s a surprise to see that the new Rorschach is up and about beating up people and perps alike.

2. Veidt’s secret exposed

Looks like the Rorschach also made good with his plan of exposing Veidt’s plan to “unify the world” back in the original story as by the time we revisit this world, the whole United States of America hates Adrian Veidt and his “plan” as well as his “giant squid”. Now everybody knows what he’s done and they want him to pay for his crimes.

Speaking of Ozymandias…

3. Ozymandias has a brain tumor


Well, it was pretty obvious that he would eventually get something as he had worked closely with Manhattan on their project which eventually bore the giant squid. And if that didn’t do him in, it could probably just irony and a bit of karma that he got a brain tumor decades after what he’s done to the world.

4. Rorschach is black

Rather than make us wait for the reveal, Johns just lays it down for everybody to see. This Rorschach is another one who takes up the mantle. Just like Dan and Laurie who also have take the mantle from either a friend or a parent. No I don’t think this is Rorschach’s son. This could be anybody actually. Anybody who shares strongly on the same beliefs as the vigilante and is willing to do what is necessary to save the world, like say bust out two never-heard supercriminals to “catch god”.

5. The Marionette and the Mime

Just who are these guys and why did Veidt specifically bust them out of prison? Should I be reading DC’s Before Watchmen to understand or get better context on who they are and what they do? How “silenced” the Mime too? A lot of questions and a lot of pages to cover.

6. Ozymandias’ tried to get back Nite Owl/ Dreiberg

7. How did the Kents die?

While they did promise to tell the story of how the Kents died during the New 52 era, they never did. I mean New 52 Superman died and already fused with Pre-New 52 Superman and yet here we are still blissfully unware how Marth and Thomas Jonathan died. But thanks to Geoff Johns, Gary Frank and Doomsday Clock, we now know. And it’s sad.

There’s like a ton more of where that came from but I decided you just have to get the book. Review coming tomorrow but for now I really suggest you go get your copy because it’s running out fast! Don’t rely too much on this Doomsday Clock # 1 spoilers post too because I intentionally skipped A LOT of good stuff.


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