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COCO Review

Thefanboyseo.com offers up it’s Coco review which opens TODAY from Walt Disney Studios Philippines featuring the voices of Anthony Gonzalez, Benjamin Bratt and Gael Garcia Bernal. Directed by Lee Unkrich.

I’m sorry dear readers I disappointed you. I should have hyped up the movie the moment it was released! But the weak trailers were a turnoff but I guess, Disney/Pixar was just making sure that you enjoy the viewing experience… because you barely saw any IMPORTANT scenes.

For this Coco review, let’s skip all the clutter and head right into the review. If you want to know more about Coco just click on this link.

Coco Review – PROS

  • The fact that this had so much feels hidden beneath the bony exterior speaks so much. This year had so much fluff animated movies except for this film which floored. Believe me, the waterworks starts the moment you reach the third act.
  • It’s easy to identify to the lead character Miguel. We’ve all been there at one point or another. Being held back from something we want to do badly is something EVERY teenager has experienced. This won’t change today and won’t until the end of time. The only difference here is that Miguel knows in his blood that he wants to do it.

  • There’s a HUGE, HUGE plot twist in the movie. It was beautifully done and although I saw it a mile away, the moment it hits, I found myself tearing up. *My wife was actually ready for the same moment*
  • The visuals are BEAUTIFUL! The Land of the Dead looks amazing and even the little town where Miguel and his family live in look nice. Not sure on IMAX and 3D though. In 2D, it’s pretty satisfying already.
  • The songs are great and upbeat. Recuerdame / Remember Me has a positive swing to it. Not as earworm-y as Frozen’s “Let it Go” but its definitely on top of other songs used on Disney/Pixar movies.
  • I particularly loved those character nuisances for the film like how we slowly get to see that Miguel isn’t just a daydreaming fool, he actually can do what he says he wants to do (i.e. play good guitar). Then there’s Hector who downplays the fact that he’s good with the instrument but turned his back on it.
  • Frida Kahlo. She’s kinda there in the movie still with the unibrow.
  • Coco was respectful to the tradition and the source. I like that. As the film progresses, you also see how deeply tied the Mexicans are to their “Day of the Dead” much like how Filipinos are deeply tied to our Undas (which, real talk, is the same thing with the Mexicans having a bit of advantage because its fun like fiesta).

Coco Review – CONS

  • The hell’s wrong with the title? Seriously, it made sense after watching the movie but before seeing it, I was totally confused why they would bank on something like this. Hell, the first thing that came into my mind was Conan O’Brien and even he was “pissed”.
  • The timing of the release, for me, really hurt Coco. Had it been released around the same time as Undas here in the Philippines, it would have made such a huge impact. Plus the fact that its a celebration of life AND death.
  • Sorry to the folks at Disney, but the trailers were weak. The first and second trailer didn’t get my attention and by the time the third trailer rolled out, Coco was at the back of my mind. Had they found a way to engage viewers WITHOUT spoiling the good stuff from the movie, people would have been hyped. Sure, they took it back the moment you get to see the movie, but it could have done more. Heck, I often mix this up with 20th Century Fox’s Ferdinand movie.
  • Remember Me was such a beautifully crafted song and while it’s not his fault, Inigo Pasual butchered the song. Goddamn.
  • I feel that a bit more exposition had really sealed the deal on this movie. A few scenes here and there and it would have given more depth. As it stands though and for this Coco review, the theatrical cut was great.
  • The version we had didn’t have Olaf’s Frozen Adventures. Damn you Robinsons.

Coco Review – Verdict


I’m willing to buy a movie ticket or two to watch Coco again this weekend. It’s such a beautiful and stylish movie and was so deep. Leave it to Disney/Pixar to lock down another masterpiece that will have us laughing in stitches one minute and bawling our eyes the next.

Special thanks to Walt Disney Studios PH for the passes to see this movie.


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