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Punisher Becomes War Machine

Last week’s Punisher # 218, we get to see something so silly yet works. Punisher becomes War Machine.

That’s right. You read that right The Punisher becomes War Machine in the book’s current storyline written by Matthew Rosenberg with art by Guiu Villanova.

Punisher Becomes War Machine (Punisher # 218)

In this story we start with Frank Castle once again killing arms dealers from Chernaya.

Castle manages to kill them all with the escaping Chernayans getting blown up the moment they reach their ship.

Frank returns to his van only to find out that its been breached Nick Fury Jr.

Fury invites Castle to dinner where he explains why he needs his expertise.

Looks like Chernaya is not done with The Punisher as the assignment Castle’s been offered was to take out a mass murdered armed to the teeth with high tech weaponry.

Plus SHIELD personnel stationed in the European country have been bought off by the usurping government and they too are equipped with high end weapons.

This is where Punisher becomes War Machine too, as Fury sends him to steal the War Machine armor locked down in an air force base.

While he ends up bwing discovered by security, Frank reaches his target. He opens it with a smile and we get to see why he’s smiling.

The page above reminds me badly of Iron Man (2008). The only thing missing was Castle going “My turn”.

The only bummer here was the armor’s look. Doesn’t look like anything Tony Stark would build nor does it resemble the U.S. War Machine or the Iron Patriot armor.

Also notice how Castle here looks like Netflix Punisher Jon Bernthal?

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2 Responses

  1. Robert says:

    “Also notice how Castle here looks like Netflix Punisher Jon Bernthal?”

    Still notice that Nick Fury still looks like Samuel L Jackson? Its a trend. XD

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