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Thor: Ragnarok Valkyrie Concept Art by Andy Park

Here’s a look at what could have been Valkyrie’s look for Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok as designed and shared by artist Andy Park. Again, here’s a look at the Valkyrie concept art shared on twitter by Marvel’s premiere concept artist.

Valkyrie of course was played in Thor: Ragnarok by Creed star Tessa Thompson and based on the Asgardian heroine of the same name. And while we got a different looking Valkyrie in the big screen, there were some elements that was heavily influenced by the comic book character.

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But did you know that the Valkyrie concept art had a different flavor and look entirely? Here’s how she could have looked like in Thor: Ragnarok…

So different right?

Here’s what Andy Park had to say about this design:

So for this concept art we have a spear instead of a sword as a main weapon. There’s nary any white in this Valkyrie concept art as well which is far from how we see Thompson’s character towards the end of the film’s third act. Interestingly enough for me, this is the second concept art that shows how radically different the designs were to the finished product. Surtur’s concept art looked more like a boss in Dark Souls.

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