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7-Eleven Customers and CliQQ users to get Special Edition Justice League spinners

7-Eleven joins in on the fidget spinner craze with their special edition Justice League spinners exclusively available from 7-Eleven stores nationwide featuring Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman.

justice league spinners 7eleven cliqq

For League fans and fidget spinner fans, all they have to do is collect 25 stickers OR register with the CLiQQ Rewards app and collect at least 20 e-stamps. Stickers and e-stamp can be earned with every P50 worth of products at 7-Eleven. Booster products can also help speed up getting your very own Justice League spinner.

Buyer beware though, the Justice League spinners come in blind packs so it might take a couple of tries before getting the spinner that you want.

Filipinos have a deep fascination with superheroes, making this promo timely, especially with the theatrical release of the much-anticipated DC film, Justice League, just a few weeks away.

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