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Review – X-Men: Days of Future Past (Non Spoiler)

Having seen X-Men: Days of Future Past, I can bravely say that I’m X-cited for the new movies that’ll flow out of this franchise. The movie has some dragging parts (not to mention a few plotholes) but it’s a very interesting and return to form for the X-Men movies. Bryan Singer totally owned the movie.


Here are my thoughts (in bulletpoints no less)

– It’s not the Avengers movie that everyone wanted to believe but it’s OK because while there’s barely a “team” to talk about in the past, the future team is just plain awesome. You’ll probably want to learn more about the new guys when the credit rolls. If anything this is just a tease of what’s going to happen in the future movies, it’s a more fluid fight scene than what we’ve witnessed in the universally panned and cosmically maligned X3: The Last Stand by Brett Ratner.

– I may not just be used to seeing a mellowed-out Wolverine. Nor am I ready to see a Wolverine walking around in other attires other than his trademark brown jacket and denims but hey, it’s a period piece so what the hey. Going back to Jackman’s performance here, it was OK. Nothing remarkable and that’s a good thing because at least they’re letting the other A-Listers play.

– Speaking of A-Lister, the award for the meatiest role surprisingly goes to Jennifer Lawrence who also did a lot of stunts here. I said meat but that doesn’t mean she’s got the juicy parts because that belongs too. Oh and man is that woman sexy or what?! Even with or without the blue prosthetic she looks great!


– The professor Xs (James McAvoy & Patrick Stewart) regardless of what era, they act pretty good, plus there’s one of two heavy lines here delivered perfectly well by Stewart.

– I like the dichotomy presented here for the baddie Magneto. Two great actors taking the role to two different aspects. On one have we have Michael Fassbender and his crazy ass, unrepentant bastard Magneto who’s obscure look at the difference between Man and Mutant makes him a guy you just love to hate. And then you have Sir Ian McKellen as the Magneto in the future, he’s more of the bad ass grampa who can throw a futuristic jet at you when you piss him off. Again very entertaining for both and both enjoyable.

– The 3D doesn’t really do anything for the flick. Nothing, not even for the Sentinel scenes. Same-same except for the breakout scene. You might enjoy the movie without (and get more popcorn and drinks instead).

– Music and visuals were nice. Nothing fancy for the musical scoring although my god the scenes featuring Quicksilver was over-the-top and I am totally in love with that scene. Downloads for this scene might also increase ten-fold when X-Men: Days of Future Past opens

– The narrative is nice and while the time travel concept (plus the fact that they never explained why Kitty Pryde suddenly develops time travel powers) are the biggest flaw for the movie. Still one of the better X-Men movies I’ve seen so far. Oh and other thing that sucked here was the lack of other ‘cannon fodder’ characters. Yan tuloy, the final battle seemed kinda lame.

– Lastly, I have mixed feelings for Peter Dinklage as Bolivar Trask. The motives were never fleshed out and we’re expected to just hate him right off the bat. Why? What drove him to do something evil as that? Never for a second did we see Dinklage act like a villain, that’s cool right? Still the presence was kinda iffy… total waste.

Nice try Bryan Singer, consider me appeased still it needs a bit more spice. At least he knows how to shoot action scenes now.

Also YOU WILL LOVE THE ENDING and stick around for the post-credit scene

Verdict: 8/10 (C’mon, I know you’ll still watch the movie despite my apprehensions)

Special thanks to 20th Century Fox PH as always.

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