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Here we are again for another movie review post and today I’ll be doing my Geostorm review. The film is directed by Dean Devlin, one half of the guys who gave us Independence Day (yay) and Independence Day: Resurgence (boo! hiss). The film stars Gerard Butler (300, The Ugly Truth), Jim Sturgess (Across the Universe) and Ed Harris (Westworld, Snowpiercer, The Truman Show).

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Yay! It’s another disaster movie! That’s not a sarcastic tone. That’s really me being happy that there’s a new disaster movie from Hollywood and its actually…. OK at least for the most part. I took maximum enjoyment from catching the press screening of Geostorm because we saw it in 4DX. Definitely made the experience better.

To spare you the effort of reading my version of the story, below are the trailers for Geostorm, before we head out into the Geostorm review proper.

Star Power

Led by Gerard Butler, the cast of Geostorm is OK. They have a good set of actors and actresses in the film. I mean, Jim Sturgess is here, what Sturgess movie bored you to death? None right? Butler though is the real star of the show and for good reason. He’s the just-right leading man with the scruffy beard and the weird accent that everybody loves these days. Ed Harris did an OK job as well.

Visual Effects

I hated some of the visuals and I loved some of them. Its definitely a good set of CGI from tumbling buildings. I guess my only gripe was that scene where people in Brazil got flash frozen. Seemed too much IMHO. The effects in space including that big moment were nice. For a movie that’s pretty much destruction porn, it had sufficient amount. A little bit too much and it would have ruined it for me.

Murder at the ISS

One of the things I really liked with Geostorm is the story. Or at least the first and second act of the movie. It’s pretty much a whodunit and they barely marketed that in such a way. So its a murder mystery in space with a weapon that we’ve already seen in G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Not a bad combination. A little common but I can roll with that; I’m guessing Pinoy movie viewers can do the same too.

Corny Dialogues Are Deadlier than Ice Tsunamis

It hurt me whenever they delivered corny dialogues. The film had a ton of them including Andy Garcia’s “I’m the goddamn President” bit. That was cringey. While some were full-on corny there were those that lines that was earnest in it’s attempt to tug at viewers’ heartstrings. There’s that “story” that the older Lawson brother tells his younger brother. They also tried their hand in comedy and the only thing that really worked well was that moment Garcia’s character tells Sturgess’ character to “marry” Abbie Cornish’s character.  Could have done better in that aspect.

A different ending

The theatrical cut for the film *without spoiling the movie* had a great dramatic moment. It was impactful and definitely propelled the characters involved forward. Too bad, Hollywood needed a happy ending so we got something that for me, ruined everything. Go watch the movie (which opens today) and see what I’m talking about.

Geostorm Review Verdict



Geostorm was ok as a popcorn muncher. Could have been way better but at it’s current form, I thought it was ok. It was a great vehicle to debut Dean Devlin, it was a great reminder that Gerard Buter was a capable actor and that Ed Harris needs money. Catch it in any cinema that will heighten the experience i.e. 4DX or Atmos.

Special thanks to Warner Bros. Pictures for the invitation!

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