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Superman vs Devastator in Dark Nights: Metal # 3

Superman vs Devastator, the massive Batman – Doomsday hybrid from the pages of Dark Nights: Metal # 3.

This of course is brought to us by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo.

In this issue, Superman recovers from being knocked out for days after his and Wonder Woman’s encounter in the cave in issue 2. He has spent years trying to fight Barbatos but keeps failing. He also realizes that Lois Lane has been captured by Barbatos which pisses him off.

After getting rebuffed by Barbatos, Clark finds a familiar voice in the sky who calls for him in the skies.

Landing back in Gotham City, Superman encounters all of the evil Batmen hybrids that Barbatos brought in. The main narrative though is given to the Batman-Joker hybrid, The Batman who Laughs.

Thanks to Flash, we don’t see Batman eviscerate Superman and we get to catch up with whatever’s happened to the Justice League. I’ll be sure to share more of those moments later.

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