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Final 2 Covers for Dark Nights One Shot featuring The Batman Who Laughs and Merciless

Here’s a look at the last two covers for the Dark Nights: Metal one-shots featuring the Batman who Laughs and the Merciless.

Both regular covers were done by Jason Fabok (Justice League) with another cover done by the one-shots artist.

Here’s the black and white cover for the Batman/Joker hybrid.

And then here’s the colored covered which was shared on social media featuring the dark Robins all chained up.

Batman who laughs cover colored

Meanwhile, we also have a colored look at the Batman/ Wonder Woman hybrid known as the Merciless…

Although I’m not sure whether this truly is a Wonder Woman archetype and not god of war Ares taking over Batman’s body and then proceeding to murder the Amazons.

Colored version below by the way. Sadly, it’s really, really small.

And here’s the uncolored version of the cover for Batman: The Merciless by Jason Fabok…

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