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Marvel Introduces Ronan the Accuser’s Replacement in Empyre: Aftermath Avengers

The epilogue of Marvel’s Empyre officially introduces Ronan the Accuser’s replacement in the Kree empire as seen in Empyre: Aftermath Avengers # 1.

In the tie-up books, its revealed that Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers has a half-sister who is in the Kree army. They connect and Carol even brings her to Earth and has Chewie aka Goose take care of her while she’s off in space fighting the Cotati and serving the new emperor Hulkling.

In the epilogue issue, for the Avengers side anyway, its revealed that Carol stepped down from being the Kree’s accuser and has her sister Lauri-ell.

This should be interesting especially since there are some stories that I find lacking from the Marvel cosmic books without the appearance or involvement of Ronan the Accuser. Hopefully they find a way to quickly develop the Lauri-Ell accuser.

What do you think bout the new Accuser in the Marvel Universe? Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo for more comics news and updates!

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