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The Dark Knights of Barbatos Enters the DCU

One of the coolest moments from Dark Nights: Metal # 2 was this ditty when members of the Court of Owls did something to Batman which in turn brings in the Dark Knights, the evil Batmen of the Dark Universe and Barbatos’ army.


So in this issue, after Batman successfully evades the Justice League AND reveals that there are five metals needed to bring in Barbatos’ army, he gets duped by the ‘Judas Tribe’ and they perform a ritual on him using ‘Batmanium’. The process then lights up the place and instead of Bruce Wayne standing, we meet the evil Batman-Justice Leaguer hybrids namely:

It’s a pretty bad time for Earth and the Justice League as Barbatos and his Dark Knights have infiltrated the DCU.

Boy this book is definitely worth picking up. Even the tie-ins GOTHAM RESISTANCE is worth the read as it tells the story of the remaining heroes fighting off the Dark Knights. Also check out all the other tie-in books HERE.

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