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[SPOILER], Classic Avenger Killed by Central Villain in SECRET EMPIRE # 7

Marvel once again goes for shock value in the pages of SECRET EMPIRE # 7 when they kill off a classic Avenger in a surprising turn of events.

SECRET EMPIRE # 7 was written by Nick Spencer, Andrea Sorrentino and Rod Reis.

In this issue we already found out who the old man is and what role he plays in the attack on HYDRA’s Supreme leader, Steve Rogers aka Captain America. We also know prior to this, going back as far as Civil War II that Miles Morales aka Spider-Man was destined to kill Captain America in the steps of Capitol Hills in Washington D.C.

But the “shocking” thing that happens here is that everything goes sideways. Miles and Steve meet face to face in the place where the Inhuman Ulysses predicted they would be.

As Spider-Man and Captain America come to blows, Black Widow frantically tries to reach the two before they actually kill each other.

She manages to get Miles Morales out of harms way but ends up getting her neck snapped by Captain America’s shield. I guess you can say she opposed him and she had to yield.



Rather than escape, Miles charges again at Captain America and actually manages to beat up the man with the shield.

God this series….

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