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Did Greg Capullo tease the Dark Nights Metal Sequel) Encore

There was already a buzz that Batman team of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo are going to do a Dark Nights Metal Sequel and that may truly be the case as seen in a recent Instagram post by the artist himself.

Greg Capullo posted a teaser with art featuring Wonder Woman wearing a very Heavy Metal-esque armor complete with a chainsaw/sword and the Lasso of Truth aka the Golden Perfect as the chaibsaw’s ignition string.

Now this isn’t straying from what the first Dark Nights Metal did with Batman to be honest. We all got to see the Justice League wear weird looking armor as they fought Barbatos and the Dark Knights of the Dark Multiverse led by the Batman Who Laughs.

That story is being sorted out in Batman Superman with the first arc ending with the escape of the insane Batman-Joker hybrid from his prison underneath the Justice League’s Hall of Justice. Who knows where he’ll pop out next but I’m certain his plans will connect back to the Dark Nights Metal encore.


Here’s a better and cleaner look at the teaser via Twitter…

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