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DC Comics announces The War For Earth-3 crossover story between Teen Titans, The Flash and Suicide Squad

Prepare for war as DC Comics has announced a new crossover story titled The War For Earth-3 which features the Teen Titans/ Titans Academy, Suicide Squad and  The Flash books.

The main story will happen in the three aforementioned books but issue 1 and 2 of crossover will bookend the event which sees the Crime Syndicate looking for Amanda Waller, while Wally West aka The Flash help out the Teen Titans Academy look for a missing student that Walley may have abducted. The Suicide Squad on the other hand are just hunting down Waller to make her pay for her transgressions.

Check out the covers and more details for the crossover.

War for Earth-3 # 1

War For Earth-3 #1 will be written by Robbie Thompson and Dennis Hopeless, with art by Steve Pugh. The crossover will feature connecting covers from Rafa Sandoval (seen below). The issue will feature variants from Gleb Melnikov, Liam Sharp (1:25), and Guillen March (1:50).

Suicide Squad #13

Suicide Squad # 13 will be written by by Thompson, Hopeless, Eduardo Pansica, Julio Ferreira, and regular artist Dexter Soy and will also pit the OG squad against Waller’s new Suicide Squad team aka Justice Squad which has characters like Talon and the Superboy clone Match.

The Flash #780

The Flash #780 by Thompson, Hopeless, Pasarin, and Matt Ryan will focus on Wally West as he helps out his friends at the Teen Titans Academy in looking for their lost student which not only leads them to Earth-3 but also faces off against the Crime Syndicate’s speedster Johnny Quick.

Teen Titans Academy #13

Teen Titans Academy #13 by Thompson, Hopeless, and Mike Norton will see the heroes of the school try to save a student before it’s too late. The synopsis teases an “impossible choice” for them. The issue features a variant cover from Pamela Hoogeboom.

War on Earth-3 #2

The finale sets up the battle between the Teen Titans, Crime Syndicate together with the Flash and set in motion Amanda Waller’s plan to conquer Earth-3.

The crossover is set for release March 1, 2022 with the finale ending with issue 2.

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