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Here’s the Completed Teaser Poster for Spider-Man Arc Dead No More

After days of teasers, we were right after all, Marvel’s Dead No More is in fact a story arc!

dead no more amazing spider-man


The arc would appear in Amazing Spider-Man and will be written by Dan Slott with interior art by Jim Cheung.

Here’s the entire teaser image.


We did break down each teaser image in the past, one was guessing if Uncle Ben would be back, the other talking about a Kaine / Scarlet Spider revival and finally another one talking about Gwen Stacy being pretty much alive.

I’m a bit iffy about the return of Doc Ock mainly because I’m still looking out for a way for Marvel to bring back the Superior Spider-Man in some shape or form. C’mon, they’ve done it once (in Spider-Verse) so why not do it all over again?

Speaking of Superior Spider-Man, let me just show you this cool new Compression Shirt of SpOck courtesy of Select Start.

select start superior spider-man compression shirt

Expect the opening part of Dead No More in Marvel’s Free Comic Book Day issue in May.

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