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Jake Schreier reportedly set for direct Marvel Studios’ Thunderbolts movie

Director Jake Schreier is currently in talks to direct the Thunderbolts film for Marvel Studios with Black Widow‘s writer Eric Pearson.

Deadline reports that they will be making a Thunderbolts movie with Schreier directing together with Black Widow writer Eric Pearson

There’s no more details that follows about this announcements for the film but if we base our details from the comic book source, this would be a team of supervillains or anti-heroes working for the government to run missions either taking down super powered villains or other clandestine activities.

There were a number of different versions of the Thunderbolts but the one that really stood out was the first team composed of Baron Zemo. This team appeared around the time of the “death” of the Avengers and Fantastic Four, who perished saving the world or at least New York from Onslaught.

It was revealed by the end of Thunderbolts # 1 that these new superheroes, the Thunderbolts, were actually the Avengers villain group known as the Masters of Evil with Baron Zemo as Citizen V.

There are a lot of MCU characters that can fit the bill of members of Thunderbolts like Abomination. There are also characters from the Disney+ shows that have already been tagged with the film such as Wyatt Russell as US Agent and Florence Pugh as Black Widow Yelena Belova.


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