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Voltron Live Action Movie Gets Solid Snake for Writer

What’s cooler than a live-action Voltron movie? How bout a Voltron movie written by Metal Gear Solid‘s protagonist, Solid Snake himself, David Hayter?!

This movie was the product of the recent acquisition of Dreamworks Animation by Universal but again, the more important news here is that David Hayer will be penning the movie. That’s so cool.

There’s no details yet to speak of but the interesting part here is the pedigree that Hayter will be bringing into the film. Hayter has done other movies that made it well in the box office such as “X-Men” and “X-2” as well as Warner Bros. Pictures’ Watchmen which was directed by current Justice League director Zack Snyder.

While there are several options and looks to use for the live-action adaptation, I’m really hoping that they use Dreamworks’ Voltron Legendary Defender’s design because, come on, that series is dope! And the character development for all the pilots are wonderful as well. Don’t believe me? Just check Tumblr.

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