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All the Dead Mutants in Matthew Rosenberg’s Uncanny X-Men Run

Matthew Rosenberg is going through a massive kill list as he continues to do his Uncanny X-Men run. And while the rest of the current “X-Men” are still trapped in X-Man/Legion’s world, Cyclops and his team of survivors have been dealing with a lot of stuff over the past 8 or 9 issues already. Brace yourself too because as long as there are mutants dying in the current Uncanny run, we’ll be documenting them all here.

Uncanny X-Men # 18

The Marauders

Continuing their list of mutant threats, the X-Men fight against Mr. Sinister’s Marauders. The fight ends quickly and the mutant terrorists surrender to Cyclops and the X-Men. And because Chamber aka Jonothan Starsmore wants vengeance, he burns all of them in front of the team.


Seconds later, as they were all distracted, the Marauder Harpoon impales Chamber quickly killing him.

Uncanny X-Men # 19

Because Emma Frost was already showing signs of resistance and even tried to kill him, General Callahan of O.N.E. shows how he’s on top of the situation. He detonates a bomb inside White Queen’s lackey Vanisher which quickly turns him into a puddle of blood and guts.

Uncanny X-Men # 20

Shinobi Shaw

Emma Frost mentally orders Shinobi Shaw to kill himself and that’s what happens exactly.

Dark Beast

uncanny x-men 20 death of dark beast

Growing tired of Dark Beast’s antics, Magik makes quick work of the Age of Apocalypse version of Hank McCoy by teleporting the organic half of his body into the ceiling, thereby killing him on the spot.

Uncanny X-Men # 21

In this issue, here’s the list of fatalities:


Yeah, he got stepped on by this Warlock version of Nimrod.


One of Cyclops’ students during his time as the leader of the Xavier school that split with Logan’s school also gets killed. He gets burnt up after defying orders and spitting on the face of one of the doctors working for O.N.E.


Apparently, O.N.E. had captured Velocidad and has been using him to speed up the Technarx virus and use them to weaponize it. I totally forgot who this guy was but a quick check on Google reminded me that he was the speedster member of Hope Summer’s short-lived Generation Hope team.

Special mention / Seemingly Dead

Magik / Illyana Rasputin

Magik seemed like she’s going to die after being left behind by the team in the fight that ensues as they try to storm O.N.E. once again. Callahan injures Magik to the point where he demon form manifests and makes quick work of the soldiers. But yeah, she gets left behind in the chaos; Hope Summer uses her powers to emulate Magik’s powers and escape with the rest of the team.


Juggernaut is seemingly dead thanks to his attack on Magik. The demon version of Magik removes the Cyttorak Gem from Cain Marko; transports him to limbo and crushes the gem…

He’ll probably be torn to shreds by the citizens of Limbo when he gets out of that fiery portal.

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