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X-Men # 10 Spoilers

Quick updates on what’s happening with the X-Men books by Gerry Duggan and artist Javier Pina. Here’s X-Men # 10 spoilers.

In this issue, we see the X-Men testing out some new tech to find out what ORCHIS and Feilong is doing inside their new colony in one of the moons of Mars/ Arakko.

The current members of the X-Men then analyze the data from the report that Rogue got using her awesome looking data gun when they discover that there’s somebody with adamantium being transported into Feilong’s base. This prompts Laura Kinney aka Wolverine to find a way to get inside the facility much to the disagreement of Jean Grey.

When Laura gets inside, she is surprised to find that the individual with adamantium transported to the base is actually long time Wolverine villain, Lady Deathstrike.

Laura manages to beat Yuriko and she finds out that the latter cannot heal properly due to adamantium poisoning and being constantly experimented on. Wolverine decides to bust her out and bring her back to the Treehouse in New York.

Unfortunately for her, Feilong returns to the base and catches Wolverine sneaking around. He takes care of this intrusion by opening a hole in the garden with the goal of the two getting sucked out in space.

Jean orders Rogue to intercept the two before they freeze to death or get killed by landing on a gravity rich atmosphere.

The next scene is back in the Treehouse with Synch bringing in food and having an awkward conversation with Cyclops and Wolverine. Deathstrike gets treated with Wolverine’s blood and promptly leaves after recovering.

Rogue and her mother Destiny have another conversation as she returns back to Krakoa. Destiny is still convincing her daughter to side with her and also leave her husband, Remy LeBeau aka Gambit. Rogue says no and is given a last helpful hint.

She ends up picking up Gambit from his weekly poker game in the Treehouse and contact their friend Rocket Raccoon of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Their goal now is to get into Gameworld and deal with the new villain Cordyceps Jones who turned the destruction of Earth into a betting activity with aliens betting in Gameworld.

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