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Batman Lost Preview

So what happened to Batman after the events of Dark Nights: Metal # 2 where the evil Batmen enters our multiverse together with Barbatos? Looks like that’ll be explained in Batman Lost. Here’s another...


Thor vs Thanos in Unworthy Thor # 5 Preview

Its been boiling to this since Thor Odinson aka Unworthy Thor decided to look for a replacement hammer in Unworthy Thor # 1. It’s the fight between Thor and Thanos in Unworthy Thor #...


The Unworthy Thor # 1 Spoilers

It’s finally here, the story of the real Thor Odinson who simply wants to be referred to as Odinson; its storytime via The Unworthy Thor # 1 spoilers. So in this issue written by Jason Aaron and Olivier Coipel we catch...