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Luke Cage and Jessica Jones Gets Married in New Avengers Annual

It’s Defenders weekend thanks to the release of Netflix’s The Defenders and today we look at that moment when Luke Cage and Jessica Jones Gets Married in the pages of New Avengers Annual.

In this issue, we find the New Avengers at Avengers Tower getting ready for a visit from the mayor of New York. In the midst of this, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones officially gets hitched. Or at least she says yes to Cage’s proposal.

Jessica Jones says Yes to Luke Cage

What truly sucks here is that it’s Mary Jane Watson Parker that tells Jessica Jones that marriage is something that’s to be loved. Fast forward years later and its Luke and Jess that’s still married while Peter Parker and Mary Jane have gone their separate ways. If you do want more of the Pete-MJ dynamics, you might want to read the two volumes of Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows.

Anyway, this was also a big day for the New Avengers because the mayor of New York City is expected to pay them a visit. Which is why Captain America, Sentry and Iron Man are ready to talk to him.


Turns out the blonde Black Widow, Yelena Belova has been revived by HYDRA and given new Adaptoid technology to be able to get back at the Avengers for her injuries back in the Savage Land during the New Avengers’ first story arc.

She effectively beats most of the team here and the team works out a strategy to beat her. Iron Man brings his A-game one by going face to face with Adaptoid Black Widow, then bringing the rest of the Iron Man armors as support.


*cough* House Party Protocol *cough*

The team beats Black Widow 2 but before they can squeeze any information from her, her mysterious benefactors decide to blow her up to silence her once and for all. Jessica Drew aka Spider-Woman gets questioned if she knew anything about this. At this point in time, we still didn’t know that she was the Skrull Queen Veranke undercover and putting more doubt within the team. So we kind of sympathize with her.

So going back to the topic of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones Gets Married, the team is gathered to attend this occassion and the biggest surprise, we get Stan Lee himself as the priest.

So this folks is the story of how Luke Cage and Jessica Jones Gets Married; there should be a separate post on the love story which kinda includes anal.

In retrospect, I kinda miss this Avengers team. They had a great depth and had they been given to a different writer, this could have gone all over the place. Still, my top pick would be Jonathan Hickman’s powerhouse Avengers team.

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