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Artist reimagines Oscar Isaac from Dune as Solidus Snake and Deathstroke

BossLogic is at it again outdoing himself with new art done on Oscar Isaac from the upcoming Dune.

Credits Vanity Fair

Above you can see the original image from the Dennis Villanueve film above. Vanity Fair had a big exclusive for the film where they discussed the production of the film… well before the coronavirus lockdown anyway. Below you can find the reimagined version done by BossLogic.

Solidus Snake

Oscar Isaac as Solidus Snake by BossLogic


What do you guys think of this? I’m particularly fond of the Joe Manganiello version from Justice League but having Poe Dameron himself play one of the biggest badasses from the DC Universe is definitely something. It’s also a great way of cleaning your palatte from X-Men: Apocalypse where he played Apocalypse.

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