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The Unworthy Thor # 1 Spoilers

It’s finally here, the story of the real Thor Odinson who simply wants to be referred to as Odinson; its storytime via The Unworthy Thor # 1 spoilers.


So in this issue written by Jason Aaron and Olivier Coipel we catch up with the MIA Thor Odinson who we last saw before Secret Wars bringing the fight to the Beyonders and carrying his own Unworthy Hammer. Since then he hasn’t surfaced until this aforementioned issue.

Our story picks up in the present with Thor getting into trouble, kicking and hurting peoples as only the former God of Thunder can do.


Even a small army of alien soldiers can’t stop the former Avenger…


In the end, these captors manage to actually subdue Thor Odinson…


Now this part of the story ends and we get back three weeks before with Thor Odinson helping out an investigation in the moon where he stumbles upon a group of trolls led by long-time Thor villain Ulik the Troll.


A fight ensues between Thor and the trolls with Thor’s goat and fateful ride, Toothgnasher. The trolls escape with Odinson intending to follow but he gets a surprise visitor in the form of white Nick Fury who’s become the new Watcher of the 616 after the events of Jason Aaron’s Original Sin.


Oh sorry, he calls himself the Unseen now.

And the Unseen appears to talk about another hammer; another Mjolnir that made an appearance in Secret Wars. Or rather its the only hammer that survived the aftermath of Secret Wars.


Now we need to revisit Secret Wars: Thors to find out the origins of this “other” hammer that got Thor’s undivided attention. Unseen Nick Fury gives Odinson an idea where to start his search…


So Thor Odinson, the Unworthy Thor, flies off to space to go to the place of origin of Mjolnir; or at least the place where he was bequeathed with the 616 Mjolnir in the past.



Our unworthy hero reaches old Asgard to find it in ruins. He gets extra help with the arrival of Beta Ray Bill who lets Thor know that Asgard was stolen; and that he aims to help Thor in getting Asgard back.

Before the end of the issue, Beta Ray Bill offers up his hammer, Stormbringer for Thor to use in this epic journey.


Seriously guys, this is old-school Thor like the way we enjoyed it. The art is beautiful too and it’s always such a treat to see Olivier Coipel’s interior artwork.



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