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Will Batman Hook Up with Wonder Woman? – Batman # 39 Spoilers

This week’s Batman # 39 ended with a different kind of cliffhanger for readers including those that ship Batman with Catwoman and those that ship Batman with Wonder Woman.

By the way we also have another great Olivier Coipel variant cover featuring Wonder Woman this time…

Like I previously posted, Batman becomes an actual dark knight to help a character called the Gentle Man, who has been locked in a pocket dimension to defend it from demonic invaders. Now in a previous mission, Batman and Wonder Woman promised that they would give him a rest day whenever he wants and they’ll take over his duties.

Which leads to this issue where we see Wonder Woman and Batman fighting the endless horde of dragons and demons.

Meanwhile back on Earth, Catwoman’s opted to accompany the Gentle Man as he spends his 24 hours on Earth.

They go grab dinner, take down a would-be-mugger and talk about stuff including the origins of the guy, who it turns out came from Earth as well.

The Gentle Man also reveals that he’s only been gone from Earth for a full year but that was equivalent of thousands of years in that dimension. A shocked Catwoman then puts two and two together that her fiance and Wonder Woman have been stranded in that dimension for around a decade or so.

Oh god no. Don’t do it Bruce. Also, you’ll have to go on and explain several things to Selina when you find a way to get back.

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  1. February 8, 2018

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