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Marvel Announces 3 More Titles for the X-Books namely X-Force, Phoenix and NYX

Marvel has dropped three more titles coming in July for their revamped X-Men line of books including a new NYX book and an X-Force starring Forge.

In their social media pages, Marvel wrote:

From the ashes…a new beginning. ❌
Stay tuned this week for announcements of three all-new X-Men titles launching in July!

Let’s talk about each book a bit after the cut.


So based on the teaser, we will be getting a new X-Force book that could either be an ongoing or a limited series with Forge as the new leader of this team. While we don’t know what exactly they’ll be fighting for it should be pretty to understand that this is going to be the more violent team book judging from the past iterations of the X-Force book.

It would be interesting to see Forge (who seems to have a resurgence this year between his appearance in X-Men 97 and this book) as a leader and what he’ll do to take out enemies or threats to mutantkind. Plus I want to see who the book’s central villain could be. It would be nice if they went for a former ally turned baddie, especially the ones that worked hard to make Krakoa work. Or maybe we could be looking at the continuation of the Children of the Vault storyline which was cut short during the events of Fall of X.



The tagline for this new era “From the Ashes — A New Beginning” fits just right with the new Phoenix book starring Jean Grey. So based on the synopsis, Jean would be going around the cosmos once more and probably in control of the Phoenix Force. Remember that the fiery bird had already left Jean alone ever since she returned to the land of the living and has already stuck around the Avengers’ Echo during Jason Aaron’s run on the book. In the recent storylines however, Jean has been using the Phoenix to stay alive after she was stabbed at the end of Hellfire Gala 2023. This could pay off in some way in this book but I really want to see where they are going with Jean.


This could be another team book that’s going to be set in NYC based on the title alone. And NYX has a special place in a lot of X-Men fans’ hearts because this was where X-23 first appeared, which has also become a key issue or a grail book for some and I speculate could increase in value again because of the upcoming Deadpool and Wolverine movie aka Deadpool 3. There have been rumors that we’ll see a much grown up Dafne Keene reprise her role as X-23 aka Laura Kinney by the end of the film and that’s something worth looking into.

As for the new book, I’m mildly piqued although its a huge deterrent that we have no idea who the main character would be.

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