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New Deadpool 3 Set Photos show Wolverine and Deadpool meeting Handsome Samurai Deadpool

More photos from the set of Deadpool 3 shows us a scene from the film currently being shot where Wolverine and Deadpool meet up with what appears to be a handsome samurai Deadpool still played by Ryan Reynolds.

obviously we don’t have a lot to go on about the scene but if you piece together the previous scenes they’ve been shooting it looks like Deadpool and Wolverine in his yellow and blue costume as well as his mask will be traversing a wasteland that sucks in different bits of the Marvel Multiverse and even the Marvel Fox-verse where both of these characters already hail from.

Nice to see Ryan Reynolds too sporting a different hairstyle. Who knew the dude would look good with a manbun too. And yes, that’s Dogpool in that scene.

We also get a few leaked shots from the set with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool walking around.

Honestly though I really am still waiting for those sleeves to come off and Jackman wearing that classic Wolverine mask which already kinda came out as a concept art when worn.

We should be expecting a Deadpool 3 trailer coming soon, with the nearest target date being Superbowl 2024 whenever that would be.


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