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X-Men # 16 spoilers

Here’s a quick recap for X-Men # 16 by Gerry Duggan and Joshua Cassara as we continue to join the X-Men on their rescue mission inside The Vault to rescue Darwin.

This issue continues to pain Forge as a sketchy mutant working for science rather than the mutant cause. A person that has done a lot of bad and good for the sake of mutantkind. He’s even willing to go as far as make a deal with Mister Sinister.

Now we need to wonder who those three names are, why Forge wants them, why he’s asking help from Sinister and what’s the end goal for this.

In this issue we continue with Forge as he goes to look for what he believes to be the mutant Darwin who got left behind in the previous volume’s mission to spy on the Vault as well as the Children of the Vault.

X-Men # 15 saw Forge sneaking inside as well as successfully trapping the current generation of the Children who was sent out to take over the world. We also find out in the past issue that Forge can be ruthless, turning the mutant Caliban into a piece of additional part for his armor as he ventures inside the vault.

In this issue we continue with Forge travelling deeper into the Vault unaware that he is being followed by one of the main members of the Children, Serafina. Apparently she managed to evade the capture and has been spying on Forge.

Forge continues inside the main building of the Vault through Caliban’s guidance and ends up in a room with a number of pods. They are surprised to see who’s inside the pod though.

And its not Darwin apparently, its none other than Laura Kinney aka Wolverine aka X-23. The version that got left behind when Darwin escaped, the woman that Darwin formed a romantic relationship with and the woman that they also thought was killed by The Children of the Vault.

The issue also sees Havok getting more unhinged, probably the effect of being around the revived Goblyn Queen aka Madelyn Pryor as seen in the Hellions book. We even get a Cyclops vs Havok fight.

The fight causes one of the children, Perros, to get loose from his stasis pod and try to make a run for it. The rest of the X-Men stop him from getting back and reporting what has happened to them and its the Summers brothers who make the good save and finally stop Perros from reaching his home.

Now we’re getting more intrigue and drama from this current X-Men team.

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