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Admiral Thrawn is Back in the Star Wars Universe in Star Wars Rebels Season 3

Many Star Wars fans were dismayed with what Disney had done to the Expanded Universe because it effectively killed off big characters. Today however we get one of those characters back thanks to the third season of Star Wars Rebels.


So yes, a big round of applause for the return of Admiral Thrawn, one of the best baddies from what we now refer to as Star Wars Legacy.

Watch the trailer here:

Whats truly a bigger surprise here is the fact that they released a rather long video featuring everybody plus some new developments.

star wars rebels season 3

Readers who have been following me know how much a sucker I am for time skips so this has really gotten my attention. Ezra Bridger is older and Kanan has finally recovered from the injuries sustained from season 2 and is once again fighting the good fight against the Empire.

Oh by the way, is that Darth Maul…

star wars rebels season 3 darth maul ezra

Oh and aside from seeing Admiral Thrawn we also get to see flying Stormtroopers. You read that right, Flying Stormtroopers. This will definitely give Sabine a run for her money because this was her gimmick for the longest time.

star wars rebels season 3 flying troopers

They did a damn good thing with the three minute trailer and now I am suddenly looking for a way to fit the second season into my schedule. Plus whatever happened to Ahsoka?

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  1. February 7, 2021

    […] Star Wars Expanded Universe. Hopefully though we get some form of a comeback for her. After all, Admiral Thrawn got back from the brink so what’s to stop this badass […]

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