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It’s Chun-Li vs Yor in a special Street Fighter collaboration with Spy X Family; Spy X Family CODE: X

This is something nobody was expecting. It’s a crossover between Capcom’s Street Fighter franchise and hit anime and manga series Spy x Family with a special collab project titled SPY X FAMILY CODE: X which even gives us a nice fight between Chun-Li and Yor Forger/ Yor Briar.


Watch the video below:

The translation for this Twitter post is as follows:

“Theatrical version SPY x FAMILY CODE: White” x “ #スト6 ” Prior to the in-game collaboration, a special collaboration anime depicting a fight scene between Yoru-san and Chun-Li will be released today! Be sure to watch the special animation video created by WIT STUDIO!

The animation for this particular video was done by WIT Studio who is also doing the upcoming Suicide Squad Isekai project for Warner Bros Japan. Check out more scenes below


An era when countries around the world were engaged in a fierce information war.

Loid Forger, codenamed “Twilight,” a talented intelligence agent in the WISE division of Westalis Intelligence, is on his usual mission when he receives an order to change his assignment for the ongoing Operation Strix. However, the new man chosen for the job is incompetent.

Meanwhile, a cooking competition is being held at Eden Academy, with the winner rumored to be awarded a Stella Star. In order to show even the slightest progress in Operation Strix and to negotiate with WISE to continue the mission and ultimately protect world peace, Loid suggests to Anya that she make the “Melemele,” a traditional pastry from the Frejis region and a favorite of the principal, who is also the head of the judging panel. Thus, the Forgers decide to take a family trip to Frejis to taste the real thing. On the other hand, Yor witnesses an exchange between Loid and the mysterious woman before their departure, resulting in some uneasiness about their temporary relationship during the trip.

During the trip, Anya discovers a suspicious trunk case on the train. Inside, for some reason, there are chocolates. While wondering, the owner of the trunk case returns, and in her surprise, Anya accidentally swallows the chocolate. However, the chocolate hides a serious secret that could threaten world peace!

And just like that, a series of happenings occur on the journey! The fate of the world has once again been entrusted to this temporary family.

Street Fighter 6 is now available for purchase from Capcom on different platforms including PC, Playstation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S

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