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Screenshots for Loki in Fortnite

Just sharing a few screenshots from the trailer for Loki in Fortnite from Epic Games and Marvel.

The Asgardian god of mischief is set to appear in Epic Games’ Fortnite and here’s our first look at his in-game appearance.

Of course this isnt the first crossover Fortnite has had. First for Loki maybe but not for Fortnite. They did a big crossover event with several Marvel characters like Thor, Wolverine, Iron Man and Storm. That crossover also had a canon story in Thor because that was around the time he was the Herald of Galactus. Recently we’re also seeing a DC Comics crossover with Batman and Superman and even Snake Eyes from the G.I. Joe franchise also made an appearance in the game.

Hell even Star Wars and The Walking Dead did a guest event for the game.

Meanwhile, Loki here is based on his appearance in the MCU complete with the staff and the horned helmet. A far cry from his look in his Disney+ series played by Tom Hiddleston.

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