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realme Buds Air 5 Review – SRP ₱2,499

Here’s my realme Buds Air 5  review which features 38 hours of playback Bluetooth 5.3 support 45 ms super low latency, 12.4 mm mega titanizing driver and 50DB active noise cancellation 2.1.

Noise Cancellation

If one of the main points of buying ear buds for you is the noise cancellation then the realme buds air five is definitely going to be a must-have for you. It currently has the industry’s strongest active noise cancellation with 50 db of deep noise cancellation something we haven’t seen yet. You can use it on almost any place anytime anywhere and your view won’t be disturbed whatsoever.

This product also features smart adaptive noise cancellation. Sounds very complex but what it actually does is just recognize the noise in different areas and adjust and make changes so you’re still blocking out all the noise wherever you go. So for example you are walking down a busy street there is a specific level that you will be using but then when you change the scenario or you go to a market or like a mall the earbuds will also change the settings that you’re using. It might drain your phone a little bit though because it needs to be connected via Bluetooth and use the realme link app all the time.

There are different modes that you can choose from actually there at three namely mild-moderate and deep. I brought it along for a recent trip to Cebu and i enjoyed using the deep mode for traveling.


In terms of design nothing much has changed for the realme Buds Air 5. I do like the new color that they introduced for this version which is deep sea blue. The stems need some getting used to because it’s shorter and stockier but they are still cool to use and wear.

If the deep blue design is in for you you can also pick up the arctic white variant for the realme Buds Air 5.

I am also a fan of how light this product is at as it comes at around 4.4 g so it’s super light you can you won’t even feel it’s there. A little barbie weirdo if you put in your pocket there are chances that you might drop in and you won’t even notice that it’s drop it’s that light.


The realme Buds Air 5 also comes with a 12.4 mm mega titanizing driver, something real me is very proud of especially since most of the buds that are out in the market only use 9mm drivers. Having a 12.4 mm driver also increases the vibration to 89% giving us stronger bass which you can enjoy music with better.

Bass Boost

Like other realme buds products out in the market that came before this, the realme Buds Air 5 also has dynamic bass boost. So that means you get deeper punch you and more layered sound while at the same time getting the enjoyment of personalizing the intensity. Little drawback though is that you still need to use the realme link app to be able to enjoy this feature.

Individual rear cavity design

The current designs for buds are out in the market right now are standard but realme takes you to the next level with their individual rear cavity design which brings stronger consistency with lower frequency resonance base. I know that its a mouthful but really it’s just saying that the design is more catered towards improving low-frequency resonance aka the bass and treble.

Charging and battery life

I mentioned earlier that this product can last up to 38 hours. Happy to report that it really does hit those numbers – 38 hours on normal mode read the case, the buds on solo can last 7 hours outside of the case. If you put it on noise reduction mode or transparency mode you will be getting around 22 hours for both the charging case and the buds and 4.5 hours if it’s just for the buds only.

Still those numbers are pretty impressive considering how the battery life of other products right now stands which is around 4 hours on solo and around 10 hours with the case/ pod. Still on the subject of charging and battery life you’ll be happy to know that the realme Buds Air 5 includes fast charging feature. A full charge will take you around 10 minutes and that charge will last you around 7 hours on just the buds alone.

Surprisingly good for gaming

I was surprised that the realme Buds Air 5 pretty good product to use for gaming. For starters because it has bluetooth 5.3 it means it definitely can connect faster to games and it has low latency. Then because it has 45MS super low latency everything in the game is easily picked up whether it’s bullets or walking or jumping or even strikes and magic attacks you get everything with these buds.


One of the strong points of realme buds products from last year is the accessibility and ease of connecting especially with google products. And like before opening the charging case and putting on the airpods will definitely and instantly connect your phone to your buds. Seamless playback has also returned which means removing the earbuds from your ears will pause what you’re listening to and putting them back on will continue where you left off.

Smarter controls

The realme Buds Air 5 is making things simple in terms of controls.

  • Double tapping on the buds will play and pause
  • Triple tapping will skip to the next track
  • And holding it for 2 seconds will change the noise control which ties back to the three controls and modes you can choose from for noise cancellation.

Is it water resistant?

Yes it is water resistant as it has ipx5 water resistant meaning you can use it for workouts without having to worry about shorting after usage. Still i don’t recommend you using the buds when going out to sea or going for a swim.

realme Buds Air 5 specs

True Wireless Earbuds
In the Ear
Bluetooth 5.3
Active Noise Cancellation (up to 50dB)
Dual Mic ENC (Environment Noise Cancellation Technology)
Touch Control
11mm + 6mm coaxial dual unit
Hi-Res gold standard certification and 3D spatial sound effects
Support Qi Wireless Charging and Type-C Charging
Up to 40 Hours Playback (with ANC off)
Optical Sensor for Wear Detection
40ms low game delay
GFP (Google Fast Pair Technology)

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