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Overlord Review – Wolfenstein Realized

Thefanboyseo.com offers up my Overlord review. The film is now showing in your favorite cinemas Nationwide.

The plot: a bunch of soldiers get dropped into a mission to blow up a jammer that would allow the allied forces to storm the beaches of Normandy and end World War II once and for all. Only these soldiers get more than what they bargained for with a horrific secret being kept by Nazi occupants.


– The movie is pretty much a great adaptation of the original Castle Wolfenstein video game from decades ago. It’s got everything you would need to from Nazis and allied troops to creepy castles and several undead creatures. It’s a dream come true.

– Julius Avery knows what he wants and manages to also get what J.J. Abrams wants at the same time. The result is a strikingly unique movie that blends enough horror and action.

– The VFX for the creatures that Ed, Ford and the rest of the troops encounter in the movie is top notch. Every bony protrusion and every bloody hole gets to creep out viewers.

– I absolutely love the film’s opening with all the explosions and destruction all done meticulously. You have to love the aesthetics for this movie.

– Pilou Asbaek aka Euron Greyjoy on Game of Thrones was such a treat to watch as the film’s main bad guy. His slow exposition and mannerisms helped redeem the character who was flat to be honest.

– Wasn’t expecting humor in the film and yet it’s there. And it’s endearing and helps make characters likeable. That little kid called Paul was adorable too.

– Bokeem Woodbine’s in this too. He’s the second Shocker in Spider-Man: Homecoming. The guy is such an awesome actor. Too bad his was more of a cameo rather than a full appearance.


– I have to comment in this Overlord review that the film is a bit short. The time that it needs to develop characters was too short. By the time we start rooting for protagonist Ed, it’s already the end. Wyatt Russell’s Ford was too wound up as a character that by the time we reach the climax it felt like we’ve only seen half.

– I hated the fact that viewers never got a proper explanation for whatever the hell made the creatures in Overlord. It could have been a rich source of sequels and spinoffs but they wrote a definitive end to this story.

– just a minor gripe but the film is predictable to bits.

– The ending for me was ho-hum. It wasn’t as satisfying as a build up. It’s also very real with the way certain things was asked by people who represent the United States. Typical Americans are typical. Made the ending sadder too.

Overlord Review – The Verdict


Overlord is an enjoyable romp that blends period pieces with zombies. Great tension builder, “just ok” plot with mediocre to great performances from the cast. Excellent creepy vibe.

Beware the laboratory scene too. That fucked me up for a day or too.

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