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Converge ICT Opens New Backbone in Taiwan, Strengthens Network

Converge ICT, the country’s premiere pure fiber internet provider, has recently launched a new network node in Taiwan. This is a crucial strategic deployment in line with its nationwide rollout.

The newly opened node will serve as a buffer and backup for Converge ICT’s current fiber network, providing better and stronger network resiliency and reliability in case of emergency network downturns. With a direct connection to Google’s largest data center operating in Changhua County, Taiwan, this new node is set to leverage its strategic location to efficiently manage and route network traffic for Converge ICT’s consumer and enterprise-level users.

With current nodes already present in Singapore, Hong Kong, and the US, Converge ICT’s new operation in Taiwan secures the maximum usage of parallel paths between these locations, allowing them to seamlessly handle routing convergences and transmission redundancies. This gives the network further stability and strength in the event that load and balance issues occur due to unforeseen circumstances such as environmental accidents or small quakes which affect physical infrastructures.

This critical deployment for Converge ICT’s network operations is also done in line with the company’s current campaign to attain global-standard technical requirements for reachability and reliability, spreading its network capacities to address any possible points of failure and congestion beforehand. Working together with other international telecommunications groups and peering partners, Converge ICT continues to make significant strides as a preeminent telecommunications company in the Philippines.

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