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realme Buds Q2s Review

Here’s my realme Buds Q2s Review which is now out in the market and through Shopee, Lazada and authorized resellers nationwide!


There’s a big difference between this and the past realme Buds products in the market. For starters, its adapted the oval shape with its orientation going horizontal as opposed to the usual vertical style approach.

The pod’s top half has a clear cover for you to see the actual pods which comes in handy when you want to check if all the pieces are present.

The actual earphones are light but at the same time feels tactile and easy to hold. The white variant is easy on the eyes too.

At the back of the pod, you’ll also spot the USB charging port and mind you it’s Type-C USB.


Realme boasts that this earphones would be able to run for around 7 hours individually or up to 30 hours. And I’m happy to report that these claims are not too far from the truth. So for my review, I tried it out running around 50% in volume and it almost hits the mark.

At 70 to 80% volume and the battery life drops a little so that’s around 5 to 6 hours.

Still give or take, they are telling the truth.

And that comes in handy especially if you’re gaming for a long time or focusing on work.

Audio Quality

The realme Buds Q2s comes with a Bluetooth 5.2 chipset which supports different codecs like SBC audio codecs and AAC audio codecs. There are three modes that you can choose from when you access the controls for the Buds Q2s via the realme Link app. They are as follows:

  • Balanced Mode
  • Bright Mode
  • Bass Boost+ Mode

A little heads up though, you might also be surprised when you first pick the “Balanced Mode” that its a little bass-heavy so you need to adjust the mode’s equalizer’s presets.

Everything is good in terms of audio quality but again, at this price point, I definitely ask you to lower your expectations. This wasn’t a Senheisser or a Sony.  But if you’re just looking for some good earphones/ earpods then this is really good; something that you can bring along for your everyday commute or travels, this is perfect.



To really maximize the music and output, I also suggest you connect the product with the Realme link app which is available on Google Play.

I enjoyed balanced mode but if you will be playing EDMs and rock music, I really suggest you go and pick “Bass Boost+”.

The Dolby Atmos here is a great option too. I do want to set it to Music mode and go to gaming from time to time.

You can also set the buttons and how you use the pods via the realme Link app.


So that’s it for my realme Buds Q2s review. Will you be getting this? Follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo for more geek news and tech news!

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