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realme Buds Air 3 Review

Did realme move the needle for the buds market with their latest release which features a 10mm Dynamic Bass Boost driver with customized audio tuning, and Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) under P4000? Find out in this realme Buds Air 3 review!



For starters lets talk about the case. The case has a big difference from the previous model as it now sports the realme logo at the bottom as opposed to the previous one where its in the middle. The new placement also allows to really speak volumes for branding as it comes wrapped in a transparent case.

I liked that. Its unnecessary but they still did it and it made it stand out. The magnet on this earphone is also good. Not too tough to pull and not so easy to loosen up. The actual buds are also shorter than the previous version which helps lessen the total weight of the pod/ case.

Really thought that it would affect the overall performance but it actually made it easier. Easy to carry, easy to store and easy to wear. Because of the shorter design, its also less likely to fall off in sudden movements.

Pairing the earpods with your preferred phone is easy but its a cake walk when you plan on pairing the Buds Air 3 with a realme smartphone. In my case I used it with the Realme 9 Pro+ and the moment you bust it out of the case and as long as the phone’s bluetooth is open, you’ll connect easily…

For non-realme smartphones, you just pair it like normal so its a piece of cake.

Also there might be a chance that your pair could go through a firmware update, so I suggest you take the time to update it to make it perform faster and better.


So as mentioned, the biggest selling point for the realme Buds Air 3 would be the Noise cancellation. There’s a tactile part for turning on the ANC but the magic really happens when you connect it to the phone and run the Realme Link app. This is where it really becomes fun. Here’s a look at the integration of the buds and the app.

From th get go it lets you know the juice each bud has at the same time it lets you choose the type of noise control. The three choices you have here are “Noise Cancellation”, “Normal” and “Transparency”. You can also do some tweaks from the app such as “Mode Switching”, “Wind Noise Reduction”. 

You can also switch up your type of sound effects whether its got a “Bass Boost”, “Balanced” and “Bright“.

The ANC or Active Noise Cancellation on this one is also pretty good. It blocks out pretty much everything but then again when you’re in a really loud place there will still be some nosie that gets in the way. But still not biggie.



The realme Buds Air 3 sound quality amazes me because you get good quality sounds for such a low, consumer-friendly price. It’s punchy and balanced. It can still give clear mids and highs but can be be a little uncomfortable when playing super loud music. Its definitely a great pair to use when streaming movies and videos on Youtube and Netflix.



For its price point, I’m definitely good with the Buds Air 3’s battery life. As promised it can provide a 5.5 hours of playback when you turn on the ANC / noise cancelling feature and 30 hours in normal mode. Take it as it is but 5.5 hours can get you a long way. Sadly there’s no wireless charging function for the Buds Air 3. You can still charge it using the type C USB cable. Another slight set back for me is the charging time which is around 100 minutes for the case. However when you charge the actual pods in the case, you get around 100 minutes for around 10 minutes of charging.

Overall, for the price of PHP3,990 you get high quality sound with ANC that actually works. We get a stylish new version of the Buds Air with slicker and shorter buds stem. The ANC is solid and at the same time you get more for your buck when you use the realme Link App on Android. From here you can maximize the use and change modes. Also the battery life is superb whethere its normal mode or even when you use the ANC. Charging is a breeze for both the actual pods and the case but it doesn’t support wireless charging. At least its more updated with a USB Type C post and cable as opposed to other brands with their under-4k-earphones currently available in the market.

Is the realme Buds Air 3 a cop or a drop for you? For me its definitely a YES! Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo!

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