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The Sentry Returns with Three New Hosts in December with Jason Loo and Luigi Zagaria

Marvel is bringing back The Sentry once more with a neat little twist, he’s no longer hiding behind the body of Robert Reynolds aka Bob Reynolds but rather three new characters all sharing bits and piece of the character with December’s The Sentry # 1.

Check out the regular cover for the issue 1 of The Sentry with writer Jason Loo (X-MEN UNLIMITED) and artist Luigi Zagaria (MIDNIGHT SUNS).

So according to the details provided by Marvel.com, Bob Reynolds, the very first Sentry has already died and the Sentry energy is without a host and can’t be destroyed. And this isn’t a pushover, this is the “power of a million exploding suns”.

In essence with the power swirling around, there would be a bunch of people who would be getting the power of the Sentry and these characters will have different outlook regarding the power with Loo pointing out that some of them would “make the world a better place while others will unleash its full destructive potential”; adding that there will only be one person to be called the Sentry by the end of this story.

Here’s what Loo had to say about introducing this new cast:

“This entire series is a mystery where we follow Jessica Jones and Misty Knight as they figure out these catastrophic accidents caused by random strangers with the Sentry’s powers. You’re going to witness a bunch of origin stories, like Mallory Gibbs, a writer for Front Line news who lives with cerebral palsy. Farhad Anand is a mutant keeping a low profile as a DoorDish bicycle courier. And Ryan Topper, a teenage fanboy who gets to live his dream of becoming a super hero. And there are a few more further into the story. But the real question is….how are they all connected to Robert Reynolds?”

The Sentry is dead, but ordinary people all over the world are suddenly manifesting his powers and experiencing snippets of Bob Reynolds’ memories. But not everyone can be trusted with such responsibility, sparking a violent conflict to control the Sentry’s legacy. Will one of them survive long enough to emerge as the new Sentry? Or will their newfound power destroy them?

When Misty Knight and Jessica Jones cross paths in search of answers, they open an investigation that will change everything you think you know about the Sentry!


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