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Seth Rollins as Joker and Becky Lynch as Batman kicks off Wrestlemania 39

WWE started hyping up Wrestlemania 39 which has a subtitle of Wrestlemania Goes to Hollywood with a short promo featuring Seth Rollins as Joker and Becky Lynch as Batman.


You can check out the video they released during the Elimination Chamber 2023 Premium Live Event (PLE)

Funny thing was Disney+ cut this from their PH streaming obviously because this was content from their competition which was Warner Bros Discover / DC Comics.

But thank god for the Internet and we’re able to see this without the unnecessary censorship.

In this promo, we see Rollins doing a parody of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker doing that iconic dance as he goes down a long ass flight of stairs.

Man that was wild. And now few years later, look at us, already waiting for Joker: Folie à deux which already started production with Lady Gaga onboard too.

Meanwhile Wrestlemania 39 is scheduled for two nights at the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California from April 1 to April 2. The SoFi was originally the venue for Wrestlemania 37 but plans had changed due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

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