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RUMOR: Thunderbolts’ Steven Yuen is The Sentry and will also be the film’s main villain

Some big rumors for the upcoming The Thunderbolts movie focusing on Steven Yuen’s character The Sentry and how it would pan out for the character.

According to this source, it looks like Yeun’s Sentry will initially join Bucky Barnes’ team as a stable superpowered being and will be working with the team without a hitch but that will change when we reach the film’s third act where he is “ripped away” from the team. This could likely mean that we will be getting Sentry’s evil counterpart The Void appearing in the film’s climax, probably acting as the film’s main villain.

To add to the speculation, this could happen inside Wakanda or in the outskirts of the city which the MCU version of the United States wants to takeover to seize their Vibranium reserves.

The report also details that Marvel Studios plans to give fans a comic accurate costume for Sentry and yes, pretty much says that Bob Reynolds would be Stephen Yeun’s “secret” role in the film.

In the comics, Sentry was discovered and recruited by the New Avengers but not before going through a big fight featuring the Astonishing X-Men team, the Inhumans, The Fantastic Four and of course the New Avengers. Inside his psyche, Emma Frost does most of the fighting to bring back Reynolds and calm him down effectively stopping The Void’s rampage. However by the end of Civil War and the start of Dark Reign, Norman Osborn manages to control Sentry and turn him into his personal enforcer. Sentry’s downfall happens in the pages of Siege where he casually rips apart the Marvel Universe’s god of war, Ares much to the shock and disbelief of his teammates and the Asgardians battling HAMMER soldiers and the Dark Avengers.

I’m betting he’ll be ripping out people too in this movie.

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