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McFarlane Toys Lobo and Spacehog Gold Label announced

Here’s our first look at the McFarlane Toys Lobo and Spacehog set which will open preorders starting October 27 on the McFarlane Toys official website.

This will be a Gold Label figure so it might eventually become harder to come by. The other reason is because it just looks so cool. You even get Lobo’s pet Dawg which was a nice little addition to this figure.

This would be the second Lobo figure from McFarlane Toys for their DC Multiverse line of action figures. The first one was released two years or so ago.

The other tricky part for this is that it’s going to be an exclusive with Amazon so it could be harder to get down the road.

Other stuff we can expect for this Gold Label figure includes the chain we’re all familiar with already, and a guitar accessory too.


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