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FCBD 2021 Spider-Man/Venom # 1 reveals Ben Reilly’s Spider-Man identity is out in the public

The recently released FCBD 2021 Spider-Man/Venom issue reveals that Ben Reilly’s Spider-Man identity is out in the public already when he takes over the mantle in Amazing Spider-Man.

In this issue, the villain Bushmaster (with his hands that can morph into guns) take hostages but encounters Spider-Man with his new gear and new look. The villain then tries to shoot a hostage, but Spidey saves the hostage by put himself between the bullet and the intended victim.

Turns out the new costume is bulletproof thanks to a new polymer in his equally new costume…

Spidey and Bushmaster go toe-to-toe and Spidey blocks the barrel of the baddie’s gun and it ends up exploding, injuring the bad guy.

Later Spidey meets up with a street crew who helps him up with stuff.

To them and for the rest of the world, the real Spider-Man is Ben Reilly. Hooboy.

What do you think of this big status quo change for Spider-Man as revealed in FCBD 2021 spider-man/venom # 1? Follow me on Twitter and Facebook for more geek news and updates!

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