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David Nakayama recreates classic X-Men pool scene with characters from Fall of X and the Krakoa-era X-Men

Artist David Nakayama has the Internet ablaze with his recently released artwork which pays homage to a classic X-Men page drawn by the legendary Jim Lee.

Above you’ll see version that Nakayama did featuring some of the most popular X-Men characters who appeared in the recently released Hellfire Gala # 1 2023 which was also the opening salvo for the ongoing storyline Fall of X for the X-Men books which saw the X-Men and the rest of the mutants of Krakoa displaced or killed off thanks to the machinations of ORCHIS which includes big name villains like Nimrod, a rogue Sinister clone named Dr. Stasis and even former ally and former Krakoan founder Moira McTaggert.

Here’s what the artist captioned for the art that he posted on his Facebook page:

NEW! My next HELLFIRE GALA magazine covers come with a big twist to the format—surprise!😱💥 Homaging one the most fun and iconic Jim Lee X-MEN images EVER🙌🙌, I’ve updated the characters and situations for today.❤️🙂 This giant poolside panorama spans TWO covers—WOLVERINE 37 and X-MEN 26.
Magazine format AND virgin art variant editions will be available for each.🙂👍 PLUS a landscape version featuring the whole image.😃💥💥Pre-orders open MONDAY, August 14th at 5pm CST—EXCLUSIVELY from my retail friends below:
Signed and graded options at DavidNakayama.com of course.👍

Here’s how the covers will be split:

and just in case you’re curious about the original Jim Lee art featuring the X-Men on the pool taking a break, here’s the original art.


What do you think of what he did so far?

I’m floored. Definitely great choice for swapping Kwannon with Emma Frost with her future husband Iron Man aka Tony Stark just nearby. Also great update for Rogue who is now being flanked with her husband Gambit.

I definitely want to get this too. Hopefully somebody here in the PH opens orders for this!

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