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Kingpin trends on Twitter after Hawkeye episode 3

Hawkeye episode 3 definitely picked up the pace in terms of teasing a potential big villain crossing over from Netflix to the official MCU or Marvel Cinematic Universe; and fans think that Kingpin is set to appear.

There will be spoilers here so SPOILER ALERT for Hawkeye episode 3 on Disney+

At the end of episode 2, we find out that the Tracksuit Mafia actually answers to the mysterious woman named Echo aka Maya Lopez in the comics and played by Alaqua Cox in the Marvel Studios series. Within the episode we get some neat flashbacks on who Maya is including a mysterious man she refers to as Uncle. And in that same flashback we see a very big man showing his affection to the young version of Echo.

Many fans think that this is actually the actor Vincent D’Onofrio who previously played Wilson Fisk aka The Kingpin in the Netflix series Daredevil which also starred Charlie Cox.

Interestingly enough many fans on Twitter cite a number of reasons as to why D’Onofrio’s version will be coming and not Marvel casting a surprise actor to play the part inluding the Daredevil star’s recent social media posts.

I for one agree that Vincent D’Onofrio was the best live-action Kingpin and they did him dirty by cancelling the Daredevil show on Netflix and if they don’t integrate him into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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