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The Eternals Character Posters

Here’s a look at The Eternals character posters which features all the members of the Eternals looking rather serious led by Angelina Jolie‘s Thena as well as Richard Madden’s Ikaris!

the eternals

Check out The Eternals character posters below:

Sersi – Gemma Chan

Ikaris – Richard Madden

Thena – Angelina Jolie

Ajak – Salma Hayek

Gilgamesh – Don Lee / Ma Dong-seok

Makarri – Lauren Ridloff

Kingo – Kumail Nanjiani

Phastos – Brian Tyree Henry

Druig – Barry Keoghan

Sprite – Lia MgHugh

Check out the trailer for The Eternals directed by Cathy Zhao

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