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Tighten your seatbelts in Liam Neeson’s Latest High-Octane action film Retribution (Opens August 23)

With no particular set of skills, Liam Neeson takes on the role of an ordinary man who steps on the driver’s seat in the upcoming high-speed movie Retribution who must follow a stranger’s instructions while being trapped in the car with his children and avert dangerous consequences triggering series of deaths along the way.

Set in Berlin, Retribution follows a successful businessman who discovers on his way to work that a bomb has been planted in his car by an unknown assailant. But for all his killer instincts when it comes to business, Matt Turner can’t possibly foresee what is about to happen next. On the way to school, a phone that doesn’t belong to him or either of his children rings inside the car. And, when Matt answers, his terrible situation is revealed to him by a mystery caller: there are pressurized bombs under their seats, that will detonate if Matt tries to get anyone out of the car, calls the cops, or – and this is critical – fails to follow a set of increasingly dangerous instructions. Matt Turner, it’s clear, is going to have to work extremely hard to keep his family alive and figure out why this is happening to him.

The film’s producers Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman, who also produced the box-office action hits Unknown, Non-Stop and the Commuter reflect on the many perilous on- screen predicaments they have put Liam Neeson into over the past decade, across a hugely successful run of action pictures that have become a modern thumbprint for high-concept, high octane big screen experiences.

“Over our time with Liam, we’ve got to crash a plane and derail a train. In Retribution we are blowing cars up, all over Berlin, reaching an electrifying peak by placing Neeson’s unwitting but resourceful everyman, Matt Turner, and his two children in a car that has pressure-triggered bombs rigged under their seats. Bombs that will detonate unless Matt follows a strict set of rules dictated to him down the phone by a mysterious, malevolent caller.

“The concept of it is so immediate and engaging and it’s got themes that really resonate, like money and greed. It’s a movie, Neeson says, that you will leave with a better appreciation of what truly matters. For me, that’s it. What’s really important. Sometimes you need to remember to take the time to smell the roses, to sit back and enjoy things. So that’s my advice on this. Sit back and enjoy it.”

Retribution also stars Jack Champion (best known for his recent role in Avatar: Way of the Water), Lilly Aspell (played young Wonder Woman), Matthew Modine (Oppenheimer, Stranger Things) and Embeth Davidtz (Tales of the Walking Dead series).

Buckle up tight for a non-stop thrilling road trip action spectacle when Retribution opens on August 23 in cinemas nationwide.

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