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Manila gets attacked by a villain called Lord Ennui in the pages of Avengers # 3

This week, our fine country is attacked once more by supervillains or rather one villain who works for a new powerful group of aliens who call themselves the Impossible City and the guy that attacked Manila is called Lord Ennui as seen in the pages of Avengers # 3 by Jed McKay and artist CF Villa.

You can check out bits from Avengers # 3 featuring Manila, Philippines after the cut.

spoiler alert photo

So in the last few issues, we find out that Kang has been severely injured and was waiting for Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel to help him. In issue 2 we find out who did this to Kang the Conqueror and at the same time the upcoming battles the reformed team would have to face called the “Tribulation Events”. Unfortunately for the team, Kang passes out before completing his story while in space, a new threat has appeared who are part of the mysterious Tribulation Events and this is the denizens of the so-called “Impossible City”.

Each member of this villain group chooses a specific location to spread chaos and unfortunately for Filipinos in the Marvel Universe, this alien baddie known as Lord Ennui chose to attack Manila.

So what’s his deal, he walks around knocking people unconscious or maybe killing them in an instant. It’s not clear from the art but hopefully its just sleep and not death. The attack prompts the Avengers who also adds Manila to the list of areas they need to respond to quickly as seen with Captain Marvel here.

The Avengers are also able to see what Lord Ennui is doing and that would be entropic energy.

Later in the issue each member of this new Avengers team goes their own separate way. In Manila, it’s Captain Marvel that faces off against Lord Ennui.

We have to get Avengers # 4 to see this fight play out and how Captain Marvel would fare against a being whose main power is making people sleep.  Sounds and reads like a mismatch but let’s see.

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