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Avengers # 2 Spoilers – Who almost killed Kang and what’s his next move?

Avengers # 2 spoilers from Marvel written by Jed McKay with art by CF Villa answers the question who assaulted and injured Kang the Conqueror and what the timelord’s next move would be and why he called Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel.

Check out how this happened after the cut.

Avengers # 1 ended with the Avengers saving the day and Carol ending the conflict by absorbing the energy within the black hole and getting zapped into a dimension with a wounded Kang the Conqueror waiting for her. In issue 2 he explains why he was waiting for her and what exactly happened to him.

So it seems like the mysterious Myrddin took down Kang with the help of this new supergroup at the end of time.



Kang wants to help the Avengers to stop Myrddin from getting this “prize” that would spell the end of the universe. He even offers up 1000 lives that the Avengers can save to prove the point that he wants to team up to stop Myrddin and his gang.

Before he manages to complete his warning, Kang passes out and Carol is able to return to her origin point with an injured Kang in tow.

Still not super hyped with this new volume but the writing does give us more to like about the individual member and there could even be a potential pairing happening between Thor and Scarlet Witch but I could be reading it wrong.

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